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Iran Mall Travel and Tourism Agency

Concurrent with the opening of the multifunctional business, cultural and sport complex of Iran Mall, in order to promote tourism, Iran Mall managers decided to launch Iran Air Travel and Tourism Agency in addition to the introduction of major civilizational project in November 2018. We endeavor to provide a proper and appropriate response to the demands of the visitors of this enormous project in all areas related to the tourism industry, such as issuing domestic and international tickets, hotel booking in the domestic and international destinations, obtaining visas for incoming and outgoing passengers as well as other matters related to this large and growing industry, such as the issuance of travel insurances and organizing different business, exhibition, sport and health tours in  different destinations.

Since Iran Mall is situated between the two provinces of Tehran and Alborz, with a population of more than 20 million people, with an estimated 1% daily visitors, equivalent to 200,000 daily visitors, in order to meet the demands of this enormous enthusiasts as well as provide comfort and guidance to distinguished visitors and tourists, Iran Mall Travel and Tourism Agency as a complementary arm of Iran Mall renders services to the customers to promote tourism.



Dedicated round-the-clock customer support and online reservation

Click here to book and buy tickets: WWW.IMTA724.IR

Working hours: 8 A.M. to 17 P.M.

Phone contacts: +9821 46025076, +98990 180 9060 +98990 180 9050