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Juice Bar

The culture of Iranian people is an oral culture based on the transfer of concepts and ideas; therefore, most of the cities and villages of this land have gathering spaces such as Juice House, followed by Tea House and Coffee shops.

Iranians in the quiet atmosphere of Juice Bar exchanged news, information, and became aware of the circumstances of each other and the community, although, there was no accurate information from the time of their establishment.

It is believed that the first Juice Bars were created after the advent of Islam and in the city of Samarkand. The Safavid, and especially Shah Ismail, propagated the Juice Bar in all parts of Iran.

On the southeastern side of the traditional bazaar of Iran Mall, an area of 250 square meters is devoted to Juice Bar, which aims to provide a relaxed atmosphere for visitors and tourists with a pattern of Iranian-Islamic architectural tile.

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