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Mahan Garden

Mahan Garden can be called the heart of Iran Mall. The garden, inspired by the Mahan Kerman Garden, has redesigned and redefined the garden pattern in the largest commercial complex of the country. It is a garden with five levels and its waterfalls and fountains, which reminiscent of the glory of beautiful Persian gardens.
The purpose of Mahan garden is to revive ancient Islamic and Iranian gardens and introduce them to visitors. An original, fascinating and attractive symbol for a collection of audiences with many cultural, social and aesthetic functions.
There are 4 international restaurants on the garden, it allows you to relax and use the garden more appropriately. Another distinctive feature of this garden is its roof. For the garden’s roof, the membrane coating was used, which, controlling the sun's rays for proper growth of plants and providing a very spectacular view of the roof.
The design and architecture of Mahan Garden has made it possible for various events. This feature, combined with the unique architecture of the garden, allows visitors to enjoy the space and environment.

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