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IranMall in Foreign Media

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US sanctions against Iran have always been an issue in American media. Through different news and reports, the American media try to show that the sanctions have adversely affected everyday life of the Iranian people. In fact, it is not so. Writing for the Business Insider (, Sahar Esfandiari after a trip to different parts of Iranian cities in March and August 2019 has depicted parts of the realities of life in Iran. She writes that the US sanctions have not had serious impacts on everyday life in Iran and the authorities who have imposed sanctions on Iran are not aware of this fact. Esfandiari writes: People in Iran “go to work, socialize, and generally live a pretty normal existence… For most Iranians, everyday life is more similar to somewhere like the UK or America than you might think.”

The Business Insider has also touched on Iran Mall.  Iran Mall is the largest shopping center in Iran. Esfandiari writes: Many Iranians enjoy going to the mall. When complete, Iran Mall will have more than 15 million square feet of floor space. That's three times the size of the biggest US mall, Minnesota's Mall of America, which is 4.8 million square feet. According to global travel website Atlas Obscura, the mall will have a mixture of retail stores, cultural centers, public spaces, car parking, and also a hotel. However, unlike US malls, one of Iran Mall's central features is a large library. Having a library in a mall isn't surprising considering the Persian language has a strong literary tradition and people love to read.