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Iran Mall Strictly Observes Health Ministry’s Directive on Coronavirus Control

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Observing Health Ministry’s directive on preventive and protective measures against the new coronavirus epidemic is a top priority in Iran Mall, says the directive in charge of healthcare at Iran's largest shopping center.

“Iran Mall’s frequently visited spaces and mostly touched spots such as elevators, escalators and other areas in direct contact with the customers and staff are washed and disinfected regularly,” Qassem Akbari assured. 

According to him, the staff constantly attend briefing sessions to observe health and sanitation standards and protect the health of the customers. “Protecting health and safety of the customers and visitors is the top priority for the Healthcare Unit of Iran Mall.”

He also stated that in line with fighting coronavirus, Iran Mall has put required materials for disinfection and sterilization at the disposal of people in such places as toilets.

In line with promoting awareness on coronavirus, Iran Mall’s director in charge of healthcare added: “Our teaching and training programs for the staff and customers will be continued. Starting from today, we have set up healthcare stands at various floors in the mall with health experts at service to offer more information and updates on the pandemic.

Akbari further assured that a health clinic and emergency has been already stationed in Iran Mall and “in case of any suspected coronavirus case, we will act upon Health Ministry’s directive.”

He added: “Increased stress and fear of the disease reduce the body’s immune function. We are doing our best to prevent contamination and we are on a non-stop campaign to teach our staff and people how to cope with the situation. We have also carried out a non-stop surveillance on restaurants and fast food centers at the mall, because customers and visitors’ safety and health are our priority.”   

According to Akbari, movies complex, exhibit center, festivals and some public gathering centers have been closed for now but the mall will continue business as usual.