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Book Garden

Book reading can be considered as one of the indicators of development, and the increasing per capita of the study is considered to be the concerns of government officials and cultural residents. In this regard, the quantitative and qualitative increase in the number of libraries is an effective step in increasing the level of citizens' study and the requirements for moving towards modern society.
Book Garden, with a total area of ​​330 square meters, is the cultural heart of this large complex, and with its unique architecture, which combines European classical architecture and Iranian architecture, presents an image of a luxurious and large library for visitors.
The construction of a garden of book along with a large store to offer a variety of domestic and foreign books is an event that is taking place for the first time in the world's commercial complexes in Iran.
The book garden is a good place for a variety of cultural events, such as the unveiling of new books, presentation of exquisite and calligraphy books, and the holding of book and press festivals that provide the latest books with using the E-Book and reading rooms and numerous study spaces are a great place to think and know people who are knowledge lovers.

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