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Introducing Iran Mall

Iran Mall – One of the Best

The Iran Mall, is one of the world's top five shopping malls, one of the largest commercial, cultural and social projects located between Tehran and Karaj metropolises. This complex is surrounded by 3 airports: Mehrabad, Payam and Imam Khomeini. It is in the northwest of Tehran at the border of Chitgar Park, adjacent to the southern slopes of the Alborz Mountains and near to the lake of the Persian Gulf, in the 22nd and the end of the highways of Shahid Hemmat and Shahid Kharazi. It was built on an area of 317,000 square meters.

The construction license of Iran Mall on April 20, 2014, under the title of the fifth change and based on the latest license, changed the map issued on March 10, 2015 with a total area of 1.669,504 square meters name of its owner, Alborz Tat Development Company It has been built up to a million and 350,000 square meters so far.

This magnificent structure can be considered the result of the Iranian idea, the technical ability of Iranian engineering, the efforts of experts and workers of Iran, under the authority of the Islamic Republic of Iran, using the best materials for all Iranians of the current and future generations. The celebration of its unveiling on the International Labor Day (May,01, 2018), which coincided with the birth of the Imam Valy-e-Asr, was magnificent and attended by majors in the fields of economics, culture, trade and media.


The original idea of the construction of this civilization structure from the economic architect, business activist and entrepreneur is the familiar name of Iran, engineer Ali Ansari who, in the silence of news and media, has made this great work with all the difficulties at the time of the sanctions. He does not talk to the media and believes it is important to do something, not to describe it.


Iran Mall is a public corporation owned by the Ayandeh Bank. The company was established with the approval of the Central Bank and the Council for Money and Credit. Part of the stock is assigned and after the operation of the project, the stock will be offered on the stock market and the Ayandeh Bank will eventually withdraw from the ownership of the project.


Economic Development and Employment

The Ayandeh Bank has been able to come up with a great idea beyond a building project. Multifaceted ideas that are less common in the world. It is usually dominated by other commercial complexes or welfare facilities, or the business sector, but this project is of particular interest to all.

The method of ownership of Iran Mall is in accordance with the methods in the world. Based on conventional methods in similar complexes in the world, a company is the owner and units are not delegated to anyone. It is also rented or a share of sales is taken from them.

At the time of construction, this complex has created around 20,000 people per day for almost 6000 years, with a steady employment of 43,000,000 a day. After the operation, direct employment of more than 18,000 people directly and around 100,000 people indirectly in this great market will have a particular impact on the unemployment problem and help us build the infrastructure for more capital inflows.

In addition to participating in the most famous MAPIC exhibition in the city of Cannes in France, for three consecutive years, Iran Mall has been evaluated and registered by the world Institute for the Assessment of Commercial Collections, including the RLI, as the most significant commercial and multifunctional complex in the Middle East. It has also been introduced in the publications of these institutes internationally. Additionally, in 2017 it received the highest prize of the world from the RLI's dimensions, services and cultural and recreational facilities.

Iran Mall different from other similar complexes in the world, which are called "mall" according to their areas and functions, in the sense that 70% of its space is shared, recreational, cultural, tourism, religious, sports, services, welfare and parking.


Iran Mall Goals

This unique market by providing the best domestic products and the best international institutions marks a fundamental step in achieving sustainable socio-economic and cultural development. The main objectives of the project include the following.


  1. Contributing to Sustainable Economic Growth and Development

  2. Attracting domestic and foreign tourists, and investing in the private sector and creating sustainable employment

  3. Providing a healthy environment for fun, leisure and shopping for all people, especially the youth of the country and neighboring countries.

  4. Familiarity with the history and identity of Iranian-Islamic culture

  5. Helping to accelerate economic, cultural and social development


IIFC (Iran International Financial Center)

The formation and establishment of international financial centers in the developed countries since 1980, with the aim of consolidating economic, monetary and financial offices in one place, as well as providing residents and prosperity of economic activists and companies, banks and monetary and financial institutions , Currency exchange, hotels, travel services, business complexes, as well as co-creation at a secure location. The designers of Iran International financial Center have developed such a center by comparing and experiences of developed countries with such centers in the immediate vicinity of Iran mall’s development plan.

The financial tower on the western side of Iran Mall is built on 40 floors and the dimensions about 280-300 meters are under construction. With the construction of this tower, it has 8 story car parks, 10 floors with business, leisure, cultural, sports and services, and international financial classes.