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Presence of Iranian Sports Venterans in The Iranmall

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Iran Mall Public Relations Office reported here of the annual meeting of the veterans native athletes been held in Iran Mall Sports Cafe. The veterans did visit various parts of Iran Mall alongside attending the meeting.

The national football team's ex-player "Hassan Roshan" recalled Iran Mall as an honor to all Iranian people, adding: "I've been to many countries, but seen no such a work of art elsewhere!"
"Mohammad Nasiri", a three-time Olympic champion in weightlifting, also emphasized: Iran Mall is a symbol for the country and the people, as well and looks attractive to tourists, too; bringing them the chance of simultaneously doing the shopping, making fun and doing exercises. Suitable various sporting facilities are prepared for athletes; making Iran Mall some unique place.

"Ebrahim Javadi", a four-time winner of World Wrestling Championship, said: "found myself filled up with pride when I was notified of the fact that all the construction activities of such huge complex been carried out and conducted by native engineers; proving the incredible capabilities of Iranian engineers!
Iran Mall is going to make it possible for the public to exercise more than 50 types of public sports through provision of necessary facilities that will be inaugurated sooner as possible.