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The IMEC Website Launches

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he official website of Iran Mall Event & Convention Center is launched coinciding with the birth of Hazrat Zainab (A.S.) and the New Years’ Day.
According to Iran Mall’s public relations office, this web site has been designed with special features, with an informational approach to the domestic and international exhibition industry, various events, introduction of center amenities and the latest news in the domestic exhibition industry.
The target audience of this website - in addition to potential exhibition visitors – is the venue owners both domestic & international, organizers, stand constructors, members of the trade unions, guilds and associations, university students and professors and generally speaking, all stakeholders and activists in the industry.
The content of this website – in addition to Farsi - is available in both English and French languages which covers different sections including IMEC goals, Iran Mall Amenities, Exhibitions & Events Databank, Expert Journals, Reports, Scientific Papers, Student Projects, Exhibition Industry News, Statistics, Photo Gallery, Conferences, Tehran’s Attractions, Articles, Useful Links, Interviews etc.

You can access the site here.