Endless choices to sports lovers ...

Cinema Complex

The finest audio-visual quality for its audiences ...


Dozens of fashion boutiques, casualwear outlets, home appliances ...


a collection of Iran's favorite restaurants and cafes under one roof...


Tehran has always been at the center of attention as the capital city of one of the world's most strategically important countries in the Middle East and the world. This ocean-like metropolis is where many international events related to Iran take place.

The expo center of Iran Mall which is also regarded as one of the largest convention centers in the country is capable of hosting multiple events at the same time.

Helium Park

Floor G1

Swimming Pool and Spa

includes one outdoor pool, a spa, one rooftop outdoor gym and swimming pool for men, a Turkish bath, wet and dry sauna as well as two separate indoor swimming pools for both men and women.


the most luxurious one in Iran with 18 stories and more than 300 rooms