Eshraq Hall

Engineers and architects believe that Eshraq hall is the most outstanding icon of Iran Mall. This state of the art structure which reflects the capabilities of its builders, spreads natural sunlight from Iran Mall's roof all the way down to G1 level.

Golden color tones reflect through the glass roof adding more splendor and attraction to the mega structure. It resembles a huge cut diamond sitting at the heart of the complex. The strong suspended structure is an engineering marvel that attracts everybody's attention, from visitors to professionals familiar with building techniques.

The main purpose behind building the Eshraq hall was to add further visual attraction and variety to Iran Mall in addition to creating a focal gathering point in the northern wing of the complex with a capacity to host attractive events such as fashion exhibitions. Taking advantage of natural sunlight that shines into the area from 25 meters above is another attractive architectural technique used in this section.

You can enjoy watching the golden cut diamonds of Eshraq Hall from the rooftop of Iran Mall's northern wing all the way to G1 level.