The Musical Fountain

One of the most fascinating attractions of Iran Mall is the musical fountain. In this section a symphony of music, rhythm and motion accompanied with dancing water drops dominate the atmosphere. This huge musical fountain stretches from the east to the west of Iran Mall and is clearly visible from all levels of the building.

Even though the ballet of water and lights are visible throughout the day, the fountain begins to shine more brightly after sunset when light spectrums illuminate dancing water drops; filling the air with a sense of excitement and jubilation.

Your sense of delight becomes even more complete when you're sitting at one of the restaurants or cafeterias facing the musical fountain, enjoying your favorite food and drink. That is why branches of famous restaurants and coffee shops are located around this area.

The musical fountain is situated at the southern wing of Iran Mall; however the main access to this area is through the G(0) level. Some of the restaurants located on other levels also provide access to the fountain.