Iranmall; A hub for trade between Iran and Russia


Representatives of 70 companies and Russian commercial holdings visited Iranmall on Tuesday evening, 20 September 2022.

According to Iranmal Public Relations, these companies are active in the food and agricultural industries, confectionery and chocolate, aquatics, equipment and machinery, medicine and medical equipment, glass and crystal, wood and metal industries, telecommunication and radio systems, and energy and recycling. The representatives of Russian companies, while visiting the traditional market, Jundishapor library, Didar and Mahan gardens, ice rink and sports medicine center, musical fountain (Abnava), cinema campus and various commercial areas, got acquainted with the capacities of Iranmall for the development of trade between Tehran and Moscow. Russian commercial companies have come to Iran after recent agreement between Ebrahim Raisi and Vladimir Putin, the presidents of the two countries, at the recent meeting of Shanghai Cooperation summit.