Celebrating Fire Prevention and Safety Day in Iranmall

A group of managers and senior vice presidents of Iran Mall congratulated the fire fighters on the firefighting and safety day by attending the fire station of the complex.

According to Iran Mall Public Relations, Iranmall Fire Station hosted Dr. Jamshid Iqbalpour, Managing Director of Iran Mall Trading Company, Ghahraman Qezelbash, Mayor, and a group of Iran Mall managers on Thursday, September 29, 2022, to honor the fire and safety personnel of this complex.

Fire Prevention Day ceremony is held every September and exists to raise awareness of practices that can help prevent these disasters and to appreciate firefighters who relieve them.

Resident fire department with advanced equipment, rescue helipad and suitable architecture to facilitate emergency evacuation through level crossings, use of intelligent automatic fire extinguishing management system, addressable fire detection and notification system with the ability to cover all open and hidden spaces are among the advantages of Iranmall’s Fire Preventation and Safety Unit.