Champions of Mental Calculations

On the morning of Friday, September 29, 2023, Iranmall witnessed one of the largest national competitions, "Mental Calculations by Abacus", where about 300 male and female participants from all over the country in the age groups of 5 to 14 years participated in two levels of the comprehensive exam and Heroes.

Jundishapour library, which was welcoming the participants and their families from the beginning of the morning, hosted the national "comprehensive test" of mental calculations by abacus in the first stage at 8:00 am. This test was held among participants at all levels and age groups.

In the second and most sensitive test of the day, titled "Champion of Champions", Iran's best players competed with each other in two levels and according to experts, they held one of the most difficult tests in the history of the field.

At the end of this competition and in one of the biggest celebrations of Iranmall, more than 700 people, including participants and families, attended the ceremony of introducing national champions in different categories and levels. The competition was held in cooperation with Robocode Company and Iranmall.

From the sidelines of the ceremony, we can mention the Iranmall tour, which was welcomed by the participants and families.