Introducing Iran Mall

This is a journey through one of Tehran's most shining metropolitan icons. Below the sky-scraping heights of Alborz Mountains, right by the banks of a large lake bearing the title of Persian Gulf's fallen national heroes and next to one of the capital's main expressways, an architectural masterpiece presents itself at its best; a treasure which carries along with the name of this ancient country. Welcome to Iran Mall.

The idea of building a megastructure that would add to the beauty and magnificence of Iran's capital was first brought up by one man around the year 2000. That man was an Iranian banker and entrepreneur, Ali Ansari.

Ansari's vision was to create an iconic and practical world-class commercial complex that would further turn the eyes towards Iran. The construction project of Iran Mall began in early 2012. Despite its gigantic dimensions Iran mall officially kicked off only a few years later in 2019.

The mega-complex is situated in Tehran's most western 22nd district. At present, the western route of Shahid Kharrazi highway leads capital dwellers to Iran Mall via two separate exits. Also, visitors from the nearby city of Karaj and the western towns of Tehran province can take the eastern route of Shahid Kharrazi highway towards an exclusive exit that leads them to Iran Mall.

Finding Iran Mall is easy. Just refer to the map on our website or use any type of navigation application available on the internet and you will be there in the shortest possible time.

What is Iran Mall in General?

Iran Mall is an advanced shopping center more than anything else. However this grand shopping mall is much more than just a hangout for shopping enthusiasts. In fact, Iran Mall has gone beyond the boundaries of bargain hunting by creating a kaleidoscope of modern centers which serve a wide range of activities including art and culture, sports, tourism, and recreation.

Some of these centers include:

-      Iran's most advanced movie theater

-      One of the world's most beautiful libraries

-      One of the world's most sophisticated musical fountains

-      An ice hockey auditorium

-      A luxury hotel (under construction)

-      A modern concert hall

-      An international convention center (under construction)

-      A collection of restaurants and cafes

The range of attractions created by Iran Mall places the complex way above the standards of a commercial center where goods are bought or sold.

Now let's take a brief look into the different sections of Iran Mall:

Most commercial units at Iran Mall are situated on four main levels which include G0, G1, G2, and G3 in addition to another level known as RG. The reason for naming each level with the "G" letter is due to the use of the earth's natural slope thus each story is assumed as an independent ground level.

On G0 you will find various shops next to attractions such as the Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH*) Mosque and the musical fountain. On G1 you will find the ice rink, Hyperstar department store and the car show. On this level you can also see a number of chic cafes and restaurants which face the musical fountain and those next to the Almas (diamond) food court on the northern wing. 

G2 is considered as the most important focal point in Iran Mall. The Didar Garden, traditional bazaar, library and a segment of Mahan Garden (parts of this garden are divided in different levels of the mall) are all located on G2. Other important sections such as the Eshraq and Almas Halls, Cinema Café, Sports Café and the Shebro Gallery (Leather products section) are all situated on G2. This level is definitely worth paying a visit.

Iran Mall's G3 level is home to the Cineplex, Tamashakhaneh (theater hall), Melal Garden Restaurant (awaiting inauguration) and a considerable number of famous Iranian outfit stores.

The RG level is located on top of G3 and serves as a parking lot, especially for the exhibition section. Iran Mall's modern bowling alley is also located on RG.

There is a beautiful green space on the northern wing of the complex. The area is equipped with comfortable furniture to host visitors during their tours around the mall. Almas food court is located on the eastern corner of this area. Thanks to the pleasant climate provided by plantations across the section, the food court turns into a favorite hangout during summertime.

Iran Mall has a lot to offer even on its rooftop. The health road and the multipurpose sports complex are all situated at the roof section of the megastructure. Restaurants and cafes around this area are bordered by various types of plants and shrubs. The main entrance gate to Iran Mall's exhibition section is also located in this area.

The exhibition complex which comprises four separate levels is capable of hosting various types of events and gatherings. Not long after Iran Mall's grand opening the exhibition section has been home to several important events.

The area has also served as a makeshift hospital with 3000 beds during the Covid-19 pandemic. It was also used as the largest vaccination center of the country due to its large space, accessibility, modern utility systems.

Two iconic projects namely the hotel and the international trade center of Iran Mall are currently under construction and are expected to make a big hit in the near future. Inauguration preparations for the five-star hotel are undergoing their final stages. After its completion, the glamorous tower of Iran Mall World Trade Center at the western wing of the complex will host offices of big national and international companies.

So far Iran Mall has not only emerged as an outstanding multipurpose complex but also as a world class mega project. Given its rapid development trend, the Mall will have a lot more to offer not only as the beating heart of business in the region but also as an important center for artistic, cultural and athletic developments in Iran.

Iran Mall's audience are initially comprised of Iranian families which can choose the mall as a final destination for a variety of purposes. Next to that, a considerable number of artists, athletes and tourists from across the world are considered as its potential clients.

*PBUH: Peace be upon him