Didar Garden

A visit to Iran Mall would not be complete without a glance at the breathtaking scenery of Didar Garden. The garden showcases some of the notable features of genuine Persian architecture and civil engineering next to state of the art structures from around the world.

For centuries Persian Gardens have held a special status among people and their traditions in Iran and across parts of the Middle East and Central Asia; symbolizing peace and harmony between man and nature. The Didar Garden however, is a super modern reflection of the ancient Persian Garden.

Visitors are faced with a collection of outstanding elements as soon as they enter the garden which includes a staircase shaped cascade on the corner and a row of palm trees planted along a stream which passes through the garden, leading to Didar Café at the end of the garden.

One of the attractive features of the garden is the architecture of its walls and ceiling. Materials applied in building this part of the garden are mostly inspired by elements used in areas such as the central deserts of Iran such as reticulated brick works and adobe.

The Didar Garden is surrounded by a number of famous boutiques, cafes and restaurants. The garden is situated on G2 level in the northwest wing of Iran Mall.