Shebro Bazaar

If you're looking to buy high quality leather products with unique designs, the Shebro Bazaar or the leather gallery of Iran Mall is exactly the right place for you! Many believe that the world of leather is definitely the world of glamour and beauty.

These leather enthusiasts believe that leather shoes, bags and outfits create a complete different style and give the person a great sense of power and confidence especially when made of fine leather; what leather craftsmen refer to as shebro.

The Shebro Bazaar is different in terms of architecture in comparison with other sections of Iran Mall. It is the result of fine traditional Persian architecture created by the hands of dexterous Iranian craftsmen. The bazaar is located next to the library and adds more beauty and attraction to this section of Iran Mall.

The Shebro Café is one of the main attractions of this bazaar. Situated at the venue's center, the café has a special lounge where you can sit and relax on its stylish furniture, surrounded by light color tones used in nearly all the decorative items around you.

The Shebro gallery is located on the southwest wing of G2 level. The section is still under development and new shops will open their doors to the public very soon.